Design Questions

In this section there are nine design questions, all taken from previous GCSE Examination papers. These are excellent in developing students design-thinking and skills. They can be used either as open task or as a timed design exercise. In the original examination they only really had about 18 to 20 minutes allocated, so the students had to think fast.

These can be used either as a starter or plenary, but I would recommend there main use is for home learning. I have included an open-student answer sheet, as well as a timed-student answer sheet.

This is a list of all the questions and their specification points

Some general note on the best way to answer the questions, really help focus the designing

All documents are in Word so you can alter them to how you want.


The following questions:

Design Question 1 – Packaging for a Torch

Design Question 2 – Packaging for a Carton Action Figure

Design Question 3 – Information Kiosk

Design Question 4 – Pizza Box

Design Question 5 – Promotional Display for Club

Design Question 6 – POS display stand for DVD/Blu-ray

Design Question 7 – Chocolate Egg Packaging

Design Question 8 – POS for Chip Shop

Design Question 9 – Packaging for a Range of Bathroom Products