Assignment GD2-01 – Book Cover


You have been approached to produce a new book cover for Donna Leon’s book ‘The Anonymous Venetian’ which is about to go into paperback. Below is the technical information you need to go ahead. However, there is a strict deadline as you only have till the date set to produce the outcome ready for the client and final agreement. Printing will commence almost immediately. The completion time is by 4.00pm on that day. To miss this deadline will have serious consequences for the company as well as you.


To produce a new cover for the book, ready for printing. Following an in-depth
investigation which will form the basis for the specification for the cover you need to
produce a range of thumbnails followed by detailed designs. You must produce a final piece of work which is ready for producing the printing plates.

Brief Booklet

  • Detailed Brief Booklet with information and advice.
  • In Microsoft Word to enable you to add any further notes, including deadlines and interim assessments.


Final Design

Final Book Cover Design Template in Word


  • A template in Microsoft Word to produce the final version

JPeg Template with 4 design spaces on a sheet for scamps

Right click to download, and ‘Save image as…’


Example 1


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Slide Show Version

Example 2

PowerPoint Version

Additional Resources

  • An additional booklet, with further support information
  • Aimed to help inspire and motivate and drive the process
  • In Microsoft Word, so you can alter it and edit it
  • A second booklet to help motivate students during the process
  • Includes key words and information on Venetian Art
  • In Microsoft Word, so you can alter it and edit it