Assignment ED06 – Information Board

Information Board

  • Builds and improves on the Bus shelter skills and abilities
  • Allows for differentiation by outcome through an open design context
  • Expandable into graphics and other broader issues of information sharing
  • Open design and make activity


To produce a scale model which will include a major element of Graphic Design


A design and make activity where graphics and communication are an equal part


As part of Harchester regeneration and following your current success with similar projects, you have also been asked by the council to design a series of new information boards for the town, to go around Harchester at key points to help inform visitors, local people and to strengthen the new town’s brand image.


Harchester Council


You will need to produce a range of ideas and a scaled model of your chosen design to show the Council, as planning permission may need to be sorted.


  • A range of ideas to be presented to the council in a form of your choice
  • A scale model of the design that you feel is the best option, and you must ensure you can explain why

Portfolio containing:

  • records of relevant research to inform the design
  • progress journal – your ideas (how could you make the information board more interactive or interesting? using what you have learnt from your research)
  • annotation – what skills, materials, techniques, process have been used and what messages are being communicated?

Final Model:

  • Made to scale, accurate model using a variety of materials

Suggested Target Year Group:

Year 10

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