Design Movement – Brutalism

A style of Architecture which emerged in the 1950s in the UK to address the need to rebuild post-war. It is characterised by minimalist constructions that showcase the bare building materials and structural elements over decorative design and by their massive, monolithic and ‘blocky’ appearance with a rigid geometric style and large-scale use of poured concrete.

Objectives – Coursework

  • To understand Brutalism architecture, it place and its impact upon design

Objectives – Exercise

  • To start to understand the meaning of buildings – identify elements to help design

Objectives – Presentation

  • To share information and a historical perspective on design


Click on links below to download resources:

Photo Sheet – Brutalism

Brutalism – Building Analysis Worksheet

Supporting PowerPoint – Brutalism

Teacher’s Notes – Brutalism with some Key Questions


A brilliant Map Resource showing the main Brutalist buildings based in London, other maps are available for other cities and design movements. Highly recommended

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