Year 11 Design Examination


The Design Exam

You have 10 hours to produce a final outcome from the preparation you are now about to embark on.

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Examination Question

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Initial Guidance – Checklist

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Further Information, Support & Advice

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Wild Wood



Pick one task from the following:

  1. A set of three square or circular format illustrations for a brochure or poster called ‘Secrets of the Wild Wood’. You can work in any medium, and your artwork can be presented on any scale appropriate to the brochure or poster.

  2. The organisation wants to encourage people to draw and paint while they are visiting the woods and plans to sell a small ‘artist’s kit’ at woodland visitor centres. This will contain a small sketchpad, a miniature watercolour paint box, brushes and coloured pencils. It wants you to design a recyclable cardboard pack to contain the equipment, intended for either adults or children. Research this idea and develop designs, dummy packs and mock-ups, with woodland-inspired graphics.

  3. Develop an interactive website or app that will give information about   Britain’s trees, woods and forests, focused on your region of the country. Visitors could use this to help identify species of trees, plants and wildlife when they are walking in the woods and forests.


If you need additional support, see staff in lessons or afterschool or email –

Below are some Examination Board Examples – Although very Art based, they will at least give you an idea of the quality and depth of work needed at this level

Unit 2 – Example 1 – Pass Level

Unit 2 – Example 2 – Distinction Level