Assignment UB2-1a – Beach Huts

Lyndome Bay Beach Hut

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Lyndome Bay is a small and friendly seaside town on the south coast in the county of Harchestershire. Traditionally, its income has been based on tourism and the seaside holiday experience. It has a pier and to the east a little harbour for the small fishing fleet which is based there.

Looking east you can see the old castle up on the hill and the main town at the front. The harbour is below the castle and still a working port. On the hill is the old castle built during by the Normans to defend the town and the port which was an important stop on the way down the coast. The pier is long to allow ships to dock at the end allowing for major trips to take place. It is intended to run the new tram system right to the end and remodel the facilities there to re-instigate the shipping trips as well as the facilities at the terminal

However, seaside towns like Lyndome Bay are not a popular as they used to be. As a result, the town has decided to re-position itself as more as a residential area to Harchester and Wickminister, rather than a holiday resort.

Lyndome Bay council also understands the proposed Harchestershire Tram will be running to the town through the centre and up the pier. The tram will directly link Lyndome Bay to the airport, Harchester and Wickminster.

As part of the development the council wants to improve local facilities making the sea and the seafront a feature for the residents within the town

As a result, and as part of this development they are running a competition for design companies to come up with ideas for a new range of beach huts to be based on the beach west of the pier. This area is going to be developed into a family friendly area as well as a centre in the evening for people young and old.

Your task

To design a new beach hut, which is exciting and interesting and will contribute to the town’s modernisation and re-positioning programme.


Portfolio of Work      – To show your design thinking from research to design to development

Model                         – Scale version of your final idea