A Level – Pearson Edexcel DT

A level

Link to PEARSON EDEXCEL Exam Board A level DT Page

  • A direct link to the Exam Boards DT resources and information webpage.


  • The main document with the detail needed outlining both the coursework and examination elements.
  • Some alterations made to the specification

Support Resources

Course Assessment

  • Outline of the course and the assessment within it

Mapping Document – Textbook to 2017 DT Specification

  • Document mapping out the new specification agfainst the DT textbook

A Level Content – Year 12

  • Basic list of all the theory that needs to be covered

A Level Content – Year 12 checklist

  • A list of all the theory that needs to be covered in a checklist format

GCE – Design-Technology – Scheme of Work

  • A suggested outline from the examination board, of how the theory can be covered. It has a very useful feature, with the theory content being linked to additional resources and websites. This is why it is included, although we are not following the suggested programme

Mapping document – Pearson to Pearson

  • Document comparing the new specification to the old

DT Maths – Teacher Guide – final version

  • Document supporting the Maths element in the course.


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