Assignment UB2-2a – Museum

The assignment details, including a breakdown of what is required at each stage.

Assignment can be linked to Graphics-Based Assignment – DL6 – Museum Map

Further resources in relation to Branding & Logos are in the Resources section. Click on the Button below:

A slideshow to show an example of the Museum Map design sheets from the investigation through to the Design

Do not forget the design case studies, and especially the major study on the Museum of London are there to help. Click on the links below:

Museum of London

  • A very in-depth study of this very special museum, gallery by gallery, covering detailed analysis of the feature and what makes this museum unique

General Photos of Museums designs from visits

  • General archive of photos for a range of museums, showing the museum’s unique features and design features. All copyright free

Design Case Studies – Museums

  • Analysis activities covering a range of museums, which can either be used as starters, plenaries or home learning activities

Example Portfolios

Main Example

Document showing the investigation and analysis


Main design and development sheets showing a range of techniques, especially CAD , which uses SketchUp


A PowerPoint explaining the project to the client, which includes notes to support the slides. This was presented by the student.


A PowerPoint, showing the model and its construction.

Further Examples

In PDF format and can be easily downloaded

Example 1

Example 2

Example 2 – Part 1

Example 2 – Part 2