Assignment ED04 – Litter Bin – Resources

Main Documents

Special Edition – Litter Bin Portfolio – with Writer’s Commentary

Design Brief:                              

Student Checklist:                       

Example Folder:                            

PowerPoint – Litter Bin Portfolio

Examples of Litter Bin Outcomes

Support Hand-outs

ED04a – Cover Template – A3

ED04c – Litter Bin Design

ED04d – School Materials with costs-2014-2015

ED04e – Litter Bin Materials

ED04f – Tools Identification Sheet

ED04g – Skills Checklist

ED04h – Litter Bin Manufacture

ED04i – Risk Assessment Template – A3

ED04j – Orthographic Drawing

ED04k – Orthographic – Dimensioning

ED04l – Production Plan Template – A3

ED04m – Weekly Progress Template – A3

ED04n – Reflection and Evaluation

General Hand-outs

Initial Specification:                          How to write an Initial Specification

Analysis                                           How to do an Analysis

Final Specification                           How to write a Final Specification