Aims & Purpose

Design is about designing and creating products, systems and environments to improve the quality of people’s lives and relationships.

The purpose of this section is to give you the philosophy and thinking behind Design and Design & Technology and why we do what we do.

It is essential you have a clear understanding of the subject, its uniqueness in the curriculum and what it contributes to students, the school and the outside world, so you feel confident in what you are doing and you are able to express this to others.

You may take whatever you want from this section and adapt it to suit your needs. As long as you have this sorted in your mind and have a good foundation to why you do what you do, DT and Design will always be successful.

Document – Aims & Purpose of Design & Technology

The Document includes:

The Purpose

  • Design & Technology’s Uniqueness
  • Style of Delivery
  • The Course
  • What should be happening in DT?

Aims for Design

What is Design Capability

Design Capability 2020

What are the skills that students gain

Uniqueness in the Curriculum

  • What is Design & Technology

Design’s Relationship to Other Curriculum Subjects

  • What is Science?
  • What is Art?
  • Summary

Design’s Relationship to Technology

This document is in Microsoft Word and you are welcome to use whatever elements you like. You can edit it, add to it, whatever you like, but a little credit for this site would be nice

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