Case Study A – Blackfriars Station, London

This is a great station to study as it shows many great design features and solutions

Objectives – Coursework

  • To further develop concepts with relation to idea generation

Objectives – Exercise

  • Start to understand the meaning of buildings -Identify elements to help design

Objectives – Presentation

  • To share information on design


Photo Sheet – Blackfriars Station

  • Images for the students to study and some background information

Blackfriars Station – Building Analysis Worksheet

  • Worksheets for students to put responses on

Supporting PowerPoint – Blackfriars Station

  • PowerPoint going through the main features and drawing conclusions

What you learn:

  • Brilliant solution to a difficult problem, shows thinking outside the box and a wonderful solution by moving the station onto the bridge, making a great statement.
  • Shows great use of creating space and an imaginative and daring way to bring in natural light, both in the entrance an on the platforms
  • Integrates service and connectivity for both the route, London Underground, but most importantly, by creating a south entrance, linking to the South Bank attractions.
  • Finally, making a new attraction and focus for the Thames with the stunning views up and down the river Thames. Creates extra impact at night with it all being lit up