Educational-Support Websites

FREE Design & Technology Resources Sites

Oak Academy Home Learning Resource

Oak Academy – Subject: Design & Technology

  • The national website to support DT and home learning at a national level

*Checked 30/01/2021

Technology Student

  • A website with lots of free very detailed DT technical information

*Checked 12/03/2020

Design & Technology on the Web

  • Another site with loads of free technical support for all areas of DT

*Checked 12/03/2020

BBC Bitesize – Design & Technology

  • The BBC have updated their resources under exam board. Really nice information, well presented and useful for revision.

*Checked 12/03/2020

STEM Learning

  • A variety of activities and challenges that can be used to support children’s design and technology education.

*Checked 03/08/2020


design think educate

On both Facebook and Instagram – type the title above into the search box to find them.

Brilliant school-based pages, with loads of photos of exciting and progressive approaches, projects and ideas.

*Checked 15/03/2020


On Instagram – type the title above into the search box to find them

Page for Alexandre Marques, an Architectural Designer, who focuses on both architecture and Urbanism. Lots of examples of his work, especially drawings.

*Checked 15/03/2020


On Instagram – type the title above into the search box to find them

Lots of examples of great and imaginative architecture, plus tips and advice (further down the page, so make sure you scroll down)

*Checked 15/03/2020


Dimensions Guide

  • An amazing site, which has measurements for many products & environments. 

*Checked 12/03/2020

Project Designer Maker

YouTuber – search for: product designer maker

  • A YouTube channel that has a range of brilliant tutorials for designing and sketching

*Checked 12/03/2020

Template Maker

  • A brilliant free site that allows you to produce packaging templates to download

*Checked 12/03/2020

OTHER Design & Technology Support Sites with some COSTS involved

Focus Educational Software

  • A subscription website with brilliant resources for DT, can be run from the website and also within a schools IT system.

*Checked 12/03/2020

PG Online

  • A website which has purchasable DT resources, especially for AQA

*Checked 12/03/2020


  • A site which has information and work relating to all the GCSE DT courses, focusing upon the theory content. Various prices. Currently no A level information.

*Checked 03/08/2020


Boyd Education – Julie & Paul Boyd

  • Education Consultants, who offer support in Design and Technology as well as in a range of other areas. There are also specific DT resources and information, some of which is free, and very useful.

*Checked 12/03/2020

DT Resources

  • A small site with a few useful items and resources run by teacher and DT consultant John Donnelly

*Checked 12/03/2020


The Design and Technology Association

  • An essential membership site, which all Design and Technology Teachers need to join
  • It helps and supports on all level
  • It is the association that promotes Design & Technology on a national level.
  • Offers online resources, some free and at reduced cost for members
  • Also offers inset and training, both face to face and online

*Checked 12/03/2020


The Architecture Centre

  • The Architecture Centre’s mission is to encourage the understanding and enjoyment of architecture and the wider built environment, and to champion better buildings and places for everyone.

*Checked 12/03/2020


  • A free math and science resource, offering hundreds of online calculators and conversion tools, which teachers can use to help students learn in math and science classes. They have also recently launched a collection of fun and educational math games.

*Checked 12/03/2020

Maths Chase

  • A site to help with maths and learning tables

*Checked 12/03/2020

*Please Note

All these websites have had an initial check before posting on here, but we do not guarantee their safety with regards to content being changed, security, viruses or malware, so please be carefully to check them yourself before use, especially if you wish to use them with students and classes.

Also, I suggest you double-check their content as well, as sites change and evolve over time and that you are happy with their current content, style and approach. I have dated each site from when I checked them to help guide you.