Year 8 to 9 – Key Stage 4 DT Summer Work

The purpose of this task is to prepare students for their new GCSE DT course starting in year 9, as well as setting expectations and an understanding of the nature and approach of the course itself. It is also intended to give staff appropriate data and information to help set a base line to work from.

Below is a copy of the Booklet issued for students who have opted for DT during the summer term of year 8. It also includes what I need for September sheet at the end of the booklet. The booklet needs to be and completed by September for the beginning of their DT course:

The booklet includes two tasks:

The first task involves the students needing to study a real building, and perhaps even visiting one during their summer holidays, it can be from any place, but London has a lot of interesting and exciting buildings that cost nothing to visit and to look at. The new Tate Modern Extension gives you stunning views overlooking London from the 10th floor, and it is free to enter!


The second task involves a small design project, where students need to design a new litter bin to used in the town of Harchester, a town that is the focus and context for many of the projects they are going to undertake.

The brief gives the context and some of the issues they need to consider

Each element in the booklet is structured to guide the student through the design process, but it is essential students read the brief carefully. Students need to think about the brief and the work as it progresses.

It must be emphasised that it is the quality of the idea, not completing the work as quickly as possible, is the purpose of this task, so staff can assess their design capability and quality of thinking.