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INFORMATION – Website Background


INFORMATION – Website Background

This website has evolved over many years, and it is still evolving. I hope you find something interesting and useful, which can assist and support your work in Design and Design & Technology.

If you wish to contribute to the site or have any advice/comments/reflections or have spotted any mistakes or problems, don’t hesitate to email me.

It was originally a Design & Technology Department-based website, set up at a 11-18 secondary comprehensive school, just north of London.

Its intention was to support students in their work at all stages of their Design and Technology experience, as well as informing and helping parents understand what the students were undertaking.

Upon retirement, I have continued with the website and have further developed both the site and the resources in it.

This site is mainly focused upon design, design projects, design theory, and design materials, all of which can be used and taught in schools.

Although there are some material theory elements, I have left the majority to other websites. There are many excellent sites out there, who are already delivering the materials theory element really well, so I felt there is no real need for me to repeat it.

These sites are on the:

‘Useful Websites – Educational-Support Websites’ Tab

If you know of anymore, please email their details, so they can be added.

Upon retirement I decided to continue with the site and do all those things I never got round to doing. I feel it still has much to offer schools in supporting Design in the Curriculum and I hope you’ll feel the same.

Website Designer Background: Peter Jones M.Sc, B.Ed

I have taught in a range of secondary, comprehensive schools in London and the south east for nearly 40years, until my retirement in 2018. In my last post, I was a Head of Faculty for a large team in the creative fields, including Design & Technology, Engineering, Art and Photography. I was also an associate headteacher. Over the years, I have been an A level and AS coursework moderator, as well as GCSE coursework moderator and team leader.

I am also a member of DATA and I was a trustee for several years, as well as a member of the Secondary Advisory Group whilst I was working

However, most of my focus in the last 20 years was on the development of BTEC Design, using Architecture and Design and the Built Environment as the method of delivery. When I first started this course it involved developing a programme which had to get approval from the examination board and had to be cross-referenced to the world of work, as well as to both the BTEC specification and design and technology. This course was upheld as a good example by the examination board and schools were referred by them to see how it worked.

Meeting a True Design Hero – George Clarke

George Clarke, architect and presenter

George made a presentation at Imperial College in London (April 2017) to teachers and students alike, about his work and views on Architecture and Urban design, and the importance of the built environment in our lives. This was part of the Design & Technology Association’s ‘D&T Futures’ series of lectures.

George Clarke is a British architect, television presenter, lecturer and writer, best known for his work on the Channel 4 programmes The Home Show, The Restoration Man and George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces.

If you need to contact us, the site’s email is:


The resources on this website have been developed over many, many years of teaching, and have come from a wide variety of sources, inputs and contacts.

As a result, I am not completely sure where some of the items have originated from, as well as the issue of copyright for certain elements. So, if you recognise any pieces which you may own the copyright for, I fully apologise. Just contact me and I will remove them immediately, unless you give us permission to share them, for which I will give you full credit.

Nothing on this site is done for profit or financial gain, it is done for the love of the subject and we do not wish to offend anyone. We only wish to support, encourage and help students and teachers undertaking Design in schools and colleges.

We do respect copyright and intellectual property, so don’t hesitate to contact us at the email above if you have any concerns or wish to make a request.

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