This is the culmination of five years of Design; and it is an opportunity for students to show what they can really do, their style, design capability and skills, in producing an outcome, which is imaginative, creative and exciting.

How you assess this will be subject to which examination board you use and which A level course you adopt. But, which ever route you take, it is essential that it allows the student to show their full capability, and hopefully enthusiasm and love for the subject

NEA – Major Project:

It is advisable you study very carefully what elements the examination board requires, checking assessment grids and any online materials to understand the structure of that particular assessment. Each examination board has a slightly different emphasis.

It is also essential you study any examiners reports, as they always give information on where evidence is necessary in a student’s folder

Year 13 – Student Portfolio Link

Here, examples of folder work are divided into 4 sections, remember, each exam board has a different emphasis. These examples are about quality and level of demand, rather than examination specific.

Year 13 – Example Models Link

Photos of previous student outcomes, which show the diversity and possible routes students can take.

Project Guidance Sheets Link

  • A Series of handouts, covering every aspect of the Design Process