Assignments – Design Activities

Click on the links below:

Link to Design Activities

  • Series of design activities based around the town of Harchester
  • Range of design answer sheets supplied, as well as separate task sheets
  • Can be used as starters, lesson or home learning activities
  • Additional resources supplied, as well as mark scheme

Link to Design Questions

  • Nine design questions, each laid out in the same format
  • Taken from past examination papers, from a previous qualification no longer used
  • Can be used as starters, timed questions or home learning
  • Range of student answer sheet formats supplied, as well as marking schemes

Link to Design Investigations

  • Range of simple worksheets to investigate & reflect upon many aspects of design
  • Based upon Products, People, Places and Design movements
  • Mainly aimed at home learning as they require research and reflection
  • A4 single sheet structured format in Microsoft Word