Design Questions

In this section there are nine design questions, all taken from previous GCSE Examination papers. These are excellent in developing students design-thinking and skills. They can be used either as open task or as a timed design exercise. In the original examination they only really had about 18 to 20 minutes allocated, so the students had to think fast.

These can be used either as a starter or plenary, but I would recommend there main use is for home learning. I have included an open-student answer sheet, as well as a timed-student answer sheet.

This is a list of all the questions and their specification points

All documents are in Word so you can alter them to how you want.

The following questions:

Design Question 1 – Packaging for a Torch

Design Question 2 – Packaging for a Carton Action Figure

Design Question 3 – Information Kiosk

Design Question 4 – Pizza Box

Design Question 5 – Promotional Display for Club

Design Question 6 – POS display stand for DVD/Blu-ray

Design Question 7 – Chocolate Egg Packaging

Design Question 8 – POS for Chip Shop

Design Question 9 – Packaging for a Range of Bathroom Products