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This site is intended to support, encourage and inspire Design in Education for all years, especially for those who are studying Design through either Design and Technology or A&D 3D Design, at GCSE and A level.

Over the next few weeks it is our intention to carry out a major revision of the current site. This will involve the development of the thinking behind why we do things and how to deliver such a course as this. More content will be added, including additional projects, course details and design-based resources. We will keep you updated as this progresses. If you have any comment/ideas/resources/examples you would like to share, please contact us using the email below.

Within the site there is a clear belief that:

Design is about designing and creating products, systems and environments to improve the quality of people’s lives and relationships.

The main media used was Graphics and Model Making, but at the heart of the teaching is the design process. Things change and processes and materials come and go, but the one constant is the Design Process.

We are all designers first and foremost, and materials and technology we use are there to support and resolve our process with a satisfactory conclusion.

Here on this website you will find the resources, ideas and information, which will support and guide you, and hopefully inspire you in your work. The site is constantly changing and evolving, reflecting the true nature of design in education; and the world we live in.

Although our focus is mainly Architecture and the Built Environment, we are still open to other forms of design, especially those that are unusual, interesting and original. Some of these will be evident within the site.

So, do not hesitate to make requests, ask for resources or suggest ideas, which will help develop the website further, a contact email is below:



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Final Note

The resources on this website have evolved over many, many years of teaching, and come from a wide variety of sources, inputs and contacts.

As a result, I am not completely sure where some of the items come from. So, if you recognise any elements which you may own, I fully apologise. Just contact me on the email above and I will remove them immediately, unless you give us permission to share them. For more information – Press button below:

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