Aims and Purpose

Below are the links to the main projects undertaking by the students over the five years of their Design/DT experience. Some years, not all the projects were undertaken, as it depended upon the groups and the type of students undertaking the course, their speed and how the work progressed. It was important to see in what direction the students took their work, so some projects were expanded and extended to allow these creative avenues to be explored. The important thing was to be flexible; and to vary the work as the groups and projects evolved.

It was intended to have each year building upon the last, to create and evolve students to become independent thinkers and designers. It was also an intention to develop an awareness in the students to look at the world around them in a creative and positive manner, promoting the concept the we design to improve the quality of life and relationships. It was intended for students to see projects as a challenge and exciting, whatever the task that needed to be undertaken.

The course is structured upon a number of projects, which supports and leads into the next. Each project not only takes the students skill set forward, but also their thinking, imagination and design capability.

List of Projects

The five years were divided in to five stages:

Year 9 – Immerse

OVERVIEW: To evolve and recap the student’s basic skills from Key Stage 3 and to instil the working approach and thinking needed to enable them to develop their thinking to a stage where their can realise their ideas independently.

Year 10 – Develop

OVERVIEW: To develop the student’s skill base further, to give them the flexibility and confidence to create their ideas independently, with a clear understanding of all the stages of the design process.

Year 11 – Realise

OVERVIEW: Although an assessment year, this is the fruition of all the previous year’s work. It is an opportunity for students to show their design capability in a large and challenging situation.

Year 12 – Evolve

OVERVIEW: To evolve, develop and enhance, not only the student’s skill levels, but also their creativity and imagination in idea generation to give them confidence to explore ideas and avoid the mundane. Also, to give them an understanding of design in the world, which could give them opportunities, if they wishes to pursue them, or enhance their careers if they don’t.

Year 13 – Create

OVERVIEW: This is the culmination of the student’s five year experience. It is an opportunity for students to show their capability, independence and vision, in a large and challenging context. Through their experience of the whole course, it is hoped they will be able to think as designers, which will contribute to all aspects of their lives and the lives of others.