Year 9 – Immerse

Project 9.1 – Street Furniture – Bollard

  • A great project to start the DT experience with
  • You design it as you make
  • Revises basic making skills
  • Always ensures a success, which is a great motivator

Project 9.2 – Shop Front

  • Allows you to build the design process
  • Enables you to introduced basic CAD and 2D Design
  • Allows independent creativity, but in a guided and secure environment
  • Develop more advanced manufacturing skills

Project 9.3 – Adventurer’s Alarm

  • Introduces student further to the concept of design through modelling
  • Introduced students to a range of modelling materials
  • Builds the idea of quality finish through modelling
  • Great filler during times where you are waiting around

Project 9.4 – Outdoor Seating Area

  • A major design piece which allows for all abilities and skill levels
  • Further develops and refines their making abilities
  • Further refines independent thinking and creativity
  • Culmination of the year’s work as a test piece for design