Assignment ED04 – Litter Bin

Assignment ED04 – Litter Bin

  • A great starter project to get students straight into the workshop
  • The students design as they make, using a number of set pieces to start with
  • It revises and builds new skills, ready for more advanced manufacture
  • It always ensures success and allows differentiation by outcome
  • It can be extended into design work if you wish

Assignment ED04 – Litter Bin – Resources

  • A collection of resources, including a sample folder and link to gallery
  • Sample Folder with a commentary and teacher notes
  • A set of support templates to help structure the portfolio
  • A set of handouts explaining how to do certain sections

Assignment ED04 – Litter Bin – Example Models

  • A great gallery showing how students have taken the basic construction/structure and run with it, with some rewarding and imaginative solutions