Summer Work for students

With students beginning a new Design course, it is always advisable to undertake some form of preparation work to enable them to make a positive start to the course. This gives them an initial understanding of the nature of the work they will be doing and the type of work ethic they need to have for development and success.

Below are links to the appropriate pages where the briefs are as well as additional resources to help with the work.

Year 8 to 9 – KS4 DT Summer Work

  • Booklet with two main tasks with an information sheet at the end with details including equipment need to obtain
  • Task One requires students to get out and research a building, either locally or national or even internationally
  • Task Two is a basic design task, introducing the Town Centre concept, taking students through the design process, with an assessment to help teachers identify student’s strengths and weaknesses with the process

Year 11 to 12 – KS5 DT Summer Work

  • Five tasks of various lengths to select from, covering a range of concepts and approaches
  • Tasks include graphic based, packaging, research studies, and environment design
  • In a two page and four page format (4 page format includes cover and equipment page)

Additional Support for Post-16 Students:

  • A detailed guide to help students adjust to the new way of working
  • Includes learning methods
  • Includes learning styles
  • Includes revision techniques