Year 12 Summer Work


To produce a travel information guide

 Over the summer we need to produce a guide/information booklet for a place you have visited. It can be a building, location or urban environment, but it would not be wise to do a big area, like a city, as this would be too much for a little booklet/leaflet like this.

It can be anywhere, home or abroad, local or national. You need to talk about the place and give details both visual and verbal, focusing upon the design/history aspect of the place (i.e. Glasgow School of Art being based upon the Art Nouveau style and designed by the famous designer/architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh).

It can be no bigger than A4 and maximum 4 sides, it can be a flyer, leaflet or small booklet. It must be written in your own words

It must include pictures, text and information as well as how to find it and further information such as a website.

The target group would be visitors and this would be given to them when they arrive to explain the place they are visiting.

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A travel information guide

This must be supported by research, thumbnails and some basic roughs. You also need to show any ICT work through screen shots. These can be either on A4 or A3 sized paper.

The marks will be a third for the content, pictures and information and two/thirds for presentation and the quality of the final outcome. The supporting information is included in the first third with the content element.