Assignments – Environment Design

A series of Design and Make Activities, which build practical workshop skills, in a progressive and structured way. Each assignment builds upon the previous one, with more advanced workshop and design skills. Through these assignments, students will be enabled to independently manufacture for any major project & NEA.


Assignment – ED01 – Street Furniture

Link to Assignment – ED01 – Street Furniture – Bollard Resources

  • A great project to start the DT experience with
  • You design it as you make
  • Revises basic making skills
  • Always ensures a success, which is a great motivator


Assignment ED02 – Shop Front

Link to Assignment ED02 – Shop Front Resources

  • Allows you to build the design process
  • Enables you to introduced basic CAD and 2D Design
  • Allows independent creativity, but in a guided and secure environment
  • Develop more advanced manufacturing skills


Assignment ED03 – Outdoor Seating Area

Link to Assignment ED03 – Outdoor Seating Area Resources

  • A major design piece which allows for all abilities and skill levels
  • Further develops and refines their making abilities
  • Further refines independent thinking and creativity
  • Culmination of the year’s work as a test piece for design


Assignment ED04 – Litter Bin

Link to Assignment ED04 – Litter Bin Resources

  • A great starter project to get students straight into the workshop
  • The students design as they make, using a number of set pieces to start with
  • It revises and builds new skills, ready for more advanced manufacture
  • It always ensures success and allows differentiation by outcome
  • It can be extended into design work if you wish


Assignment ED05 – Bus Shelter

Link to Assignment ED05 – Bus Shelter Resources

  • Major design and make project, pulling together all the skills gained over the year
  • Allows differentiation by outcome and ability in a controlled context
  • Allows broader creativity, through a controlled design project
  • Allows challenge and advance design thinking


Assignment ED06 – Information Board

Link to Assignment ED06 – Information Board Resources

  • Builds and improves on the Bus shelter skills and abilities
  • Allows for differentiation by outcome through an open design context
  • Expandable into graphics and other broader issues
  • Open design and make activity