Assignment ED01 – Street Furniture

Assignment ED01 – Street Furniture


Your design company has been asked to produce a range of ideas for bollards to be used throughout Harchester, to be used to close a number of roads and protect a range of pedestrianized areas.


However, these ideas need to be presented in three different Medias, one in a visual form using perspective, one using CAD and finally through the medium of models.


This is a pure design exercise to understand how you can generate ideas through a range of approaches.


Harchester Council


You will need to produce a range of concepts for street furniture


  • A range of annotated ideas to be presented to the council, in a form of your choice. Portfolio of work to support the project.
  • A range of scale concept models, which will show a range of possibilities.

The links below will take you to a range of support materials and examples:

Assignment ED01 – Street Furniture – Resources

Assignment ED01 – Street Furniture – Example Models