Warm Up Exercises

There are about 4 basic exercise you can do and if you can do these on a regular basis they will help improve your design drawing

  1. Straight Lines – Dot to Dot
  2. Straight Lines – Tonal Exercise
  3. Circles – Freehand
  4. Ellipses – Freehand

1. Straight Lines – Dot to Dot

On a plain piece of paper, mark a series of Dots about the page. Then Draw dot to dot.. Always look to the dot you are drawing too and the eye will help you draw the straight line.

2. Straight Lines – Tonal exercises

Draw a straight line freehand and as you draw it try to make the pencil line go light and dark in turns, this helps develop your pencil control

3. Circles

Draw circles freehand, all different sizes, try to do this at a medium speed and not too slow, use the technique above of looking to you finishing point, try to use one line to do it.

4. Ellipses

Draw ellipses freehand, construct a major and minor axis if this would help, again draw lots of different sizes. Remember, an ellipse is basically a squashed circle

ADVICE – Know where you are drawing too, use the ‘Launch and Land’ technique