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GCSE A&D 3D Design Examples

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Exploring Materials & Concepts

Concept models, using a wide range of materials and techniques based around Parire House and Frank Lloyd Wright style buildings

Folder Work Example

Exploration Studies, Materials & Skills

Detailed photos of a final, 3d printed outcome from the SketchUp architecture work, from the sustained project. This, together with a VRay render of their SketchUp work, gives the students a good set of modelled outcomes.

It is a Frank Lloyd Wright based model, designed on SketchUp, exported as a 3d file, imported into 3d builder on Windows, saved as a stl file with gaps and internals filled in (SketchUp exported has issues), imported into Creality, sized and sent to an Ender Pro 3 printer to be printed about 120 x 120.

V3 Design software package to plot the landscape, made about 250 x 200, exported as a dxf format to the laser cutter and cut into 3mm plywood.

Trees at HO scale from amazon added to give a sense of scale.

By kind permission of J Teare