Projects – Other Schools 6

Here is digital portfolio and a series video demos for a Sustainable Architecture project that has been put together for year 9. It has been produced by Chris Standford, who is also setting up a new DT support website.

.This is still being set-up, and as soon as it is live, we will add the link

A well structured project outline/portfolio template to guide students through the process, teaching students the necessary skills to undertake their own projects in the future, as well as looking at the wider issues of sustainability in an architectural context.

This PowerPoint is in PDF format due to the file size, a full PowerPoint version can be obtained from the ‘Design and Technology Teachers Forum’ Facebook page

YouTube Video Demo – Creating simple 3D models using Google Sketchup – BEGINNERS

5-6 minute video to help get you started in using Sketckup

YouTube Video Demo – Modelling a building using Google SketchUp

7 minute plus video to show you step by step how to use Sketchup in designing a building

By kind permission of Christopher Standford