Assignment Link 02 – Eel Marsh House

Country Estates and Auction House

Monks Place

London NW1

Dear Sir/Madam

I have been advised by Arthur Kipps, the solicitor for the estate of Mrs. Drablow, to request that you to put together an information pack to promote the auction of Eel Marsh House and all its contents. This is a difficult sale as there have been a number of problems with the said property, although much of it is hearsay and rumours within the local community, of which I believe has prevented the property from being sold. What these problems are is uncertain, but I believe they are just mischief by the local townspeople to prevent the house being sold to someone outside the district.

The pack will be issued to perspective buyers one month before the auction, which will take place in London at the beginning of February next year.

It must be of the highest quality and it has been requested that it have an illustration of the house on the front cover. The contents must include details of location, a plan of the house and layout, a general list of items including those special items of interest such as the paintings and the collection of antique clocks.

Deadline for the client – Thursday 6th January 1897

Auction – Thursday 6th February 1897

You must suggest a starting price and it would be advisable to research the current asking price for this type of house in this east county area. But it would be wise to reduce it initially by 10% to encourage interest, as the house has been on the market for over a year and there have been no offers for it so far.

I hope you find the proposed project rewarding and look forward to your submission on the requested deadline date.

Yours faithfully

Edmund Bentley

Senior Partner

Copy of the above Letter – Task for Eel Marsh House

Eel Marsh house description

A description to be read to the students whilst showing the PowerPoint below, to create the appropriate atmosphere for the assignment ahead. Music can be used to add additional atmosphere.

Eel Marsh PowerPoint Presentation – Complete