Year 10 – Develop

Project 10.1 – Litter Bin

  • A great starter project to get students straight into the workshop
  • The students design as they make, using a number of set pieces to start with
  • It revises and builds new skills, ready for more advanced manufacture
  • It always ensures success and allows differentiation by outcome
  • It can be extended into design work if you wish

Project 10.2 – Bus Shelter

  • Major design and make project, pulling together all the skills gained over the year
  • Allows differentiation by outcome and ability in a controlled context
  • Allows broader creativity, through a controlled design project
  • Allows challenge and advance design thinking

Project 10.3 – Information Board

  • Builds and improves on the Bus shelter skills and abilities
  • Allows for differentiation by outcome through an open design context
  • Expandable into graphics and other broader issues
  • Open design and make activity