Year 12 Evolve – Projects

Below are a range of projects that can be undertaken to develop a variety of skills and design strategies needed for independent thinking and creating the designer as a whole:

Long Projects

Project 12.1 – Book Cover

  • A great project to develop and enhance the full range of graphic skills
  • Link into a trip to Venice, developing the concept of primary research
  • Gives a real context to work with, including deadline and presentations
  • Enables students to learn about layout, aesthetics and abstract meaning

Project 12.2 – Amazing Spaces

  • Used to revise making skills
  • Enables model making to take place in a controlled manner
  • Links to Harchester project if required
  • Enables rich primary & Secondary Research to be undertaken

Linked Projects

Project 12.3 – Timeline

  • This enables students to look back at the richness of design from the past
  • Further develops their visual presentation and communication skills
  • It tries to put into context why certain things happen, giving the bigger picture
  • It connects them to great design and how to access it

Project 12.4 – Museum

  • Build directly on the Timeline Project
  • Enables primary research to be undertaken through visits
  • Build advanced model making skills on Architecture
  • Connects further with Harchester, which is the control point

Project 12.5 – Eel Marsh House

  • Builds upon drawing programme (To be added to site soon)
  • Uses direct imagination rather than copying for existing idea creation
  • Uses graphic skills developed through Book Cover project
  • Introduces tight deadline and verbal presentation skills

Short Projects

Project 12.6 – Packaging

  • A short and quick project, that can be used as a assessment piece
  • Introduces development and nets in the uses of packaging
  • Further develops the concepts of packaging in a real context
  • Further develops the concepts of branding and imagery