Two-Point Perspective

Brief Outline of Programme

Task 1 – Drawing the nine crates

Task 2 – Drawing the two-point perspective house

Task 3 – Practice details

Task 4 – Drawing assorted Houses



This first stage is to learn the basics of perspective. Here is an exercise where you can go through how it works. Again we are using the crating system. Remember, these crates form the basis for more complex designs and can be added to and subtracted like in the Isometric section.

Although other avenues can be explored, we are focusing upon architecture and design in the built environment. So we will be following this line of drawing

It is essential we follow the concept – Research informs Design

Below are a series of sheets which focus upon the detail. It is important you try and copy these as accurately as possible.

Below are a series of sheets with examples of a range of houses. Using the above select a few and try to draw them, maybe even change a couple of details or even combine them


Now, this is done, why not have a go at the Assignment Link Project 02- Eel Marsh House. An excellent assignment to test what you have learnt and apply the skills and understanding you have gained from these drawing exercises. Click on the link below:

Assignment Link 02 – Eel Marsh House