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Shop Front  

You have been approached to design a shop front for an existing shop. The brief is open and you can pretty well do what you want. The shop is based in the new Wickminster Shopping Centre and the local planning committee is sympathetic about using interesting and exciting designs.


To design a new shop front, which is exciting and has an impact upon its location.


1. You must choose a striking name.

2. You must develop a strong brand image, projecting the products it is selling.

3. You must produce a scale model (1:12).

4. You must produce a range of visuals for presentation to the client.

Detailed Design Brief – Design Crafts 2 – Brief – Shop Front

Presentation for the Shop Front Project showing examples – Shop Fronts Presentation

Home Learning Resources and Activities

Shop Front Product Analysis – How to

Shop Front Analysis Sheet – Basic

Shop Front Analysis Sheet 2