KS5 – Year 12

Aims & Purpose

This year is probably one of the most important and crucial within the five year course, and also the most enjoyable, exciting and rewarding. For many students it is the turning point from guided work to independent thinking, from teenager to young adult.

It is an opportunity to build not only the necessary and advanced skills, but also to start to open the students minds to the world outside, of all its wonders and possibilities.

The Assignments

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Students need to know and understand the core meaning of design and its importance to the world, That:

Design is designing and creating products, systems and environments, to improve the quality of people’s lives and relationships.

It is essential to show students options, and giving them aspirations for their futures. Design has so much to offer and students need to understand this.

Whether they continue in the design field or not, Design gives then transferable skills, which will enhance any career or job they wish to pursue in the future and it is our job to explain this to them.

As part of the course I taught I included Careers and University advice, through one to one discussions and class activities. This is an area which will be developed for the site at a future date

The Projects are divided up into three different categories:

  • Long Projects
  • Linked Projects
  • Short Projects

The elements of theory and examination preparation elements are only touched upon in this site, and I would suggest looking at the examination section in the front tabs for the main pieces of information.

There are many great sites that already cater for these elements and I have made reference to them in the ‘Useful Websites and Additional Information‘ section. (Any additional website suggestions are always welcome).