Useful Websites

Educational Websites

  • List and links to DT related support websites, including a few where you can purchase additional resources and support.

Examination Boards Websites

  • List and links to the four main examination boards, with the appropriate details of the DT examinations they offer.

Architects Websites

  • List and links to a number of major architectural practices, such as Foster, Rogers and Renzo Piano.

Design-Related Websites

  • List and links to general design related sites, such as the Design Council and number of architectural magazines.

London Information Websites

  • List and links to some useful London related websites, which are information and helpful. Ian Visits site is particularly useful for current events especially in the DT world.

London for Free

  • List and links to all the major attractions in London you can visit for free, mainly museums, but also places of interest are suggested. Nearest Tube stations are also mentioned.

London to Pay

  • List and links to major attractions in London where you have to pay, but are still worth a visit. Please check price using the links. Nearest Tube stations are also mentioned.

Dates & Events

  • A page with important dates and a link to what updates have taken place to the site. It also give details of any events and exhibitions currently running, which maybe of interest to people studying DT and Design.

Updates to Website

  • Link to a page which shows what updates have been made to the site, including new pages and improvements. Please, if you spot any errors, please email me, it only takes a moment to correct.

Summer Work for Students

  • Link to a page with some suggested summer work for those who are beginning DT at KS4 and KS5. These are Design tasks which should the students initial design thinking.