By delivering Design and DT through urban design, design and the built environment and architecture, it was necessary to establish a context to build the projects around.

Originally, this was through a real town, but this become increasingly impractical as they themselves carried out their own regenerations and developments; and as a town, moved on. This made many of the projects redundant, so the need to establish a place, fixed in time, become essential.

Hence, the establishment of Harchester, a small country town, a town set at a point of time. Through discussions, a lot of imagination and work, Harchester was born. Photos of what people imagined it looked like were collected, maps were created and areas devised.

The success of this was creation was judged by the fact that new students demanded a school trip to see the town itself. Unfortunately, we had to disappoint, but it never hindered the imagination and creativity from the students and the wonderful outcomes they produced.

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Harchester has enabled us to develop a wide range of projects and be flexible in introducing new ones when we required. Harchester is linked to the full range of projects from year 9 to year 13 and students can use them as a jumping point to begin their work, contributing to Harchester’s development and evolution over the years it was used.

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