HARCHESTER – Resources

Harchester is a small country town of approximately 35 thousand people. It is situated approximately 15 miles south from the major conurbation of Wickminster, which is currently applying for city status.

Wickminster has approximately 120 thousands inhabitants. This town has had a large number of major developments over the last 20 years including two retail parks, a large leisure park including a cinema and a number of major supermarkets relocating to the town’s outskirts. All these have had a major effect upon Harchester both for the retail sector and the employment of the town.

Below is a report commissioned to look at the needs of the town.

  • The initial report and survey, written in the style of an official document to set the context and the style and approach for the work to be undertaken
  • A design brief to start the process, this is in Word, so it can be adjusted and added too as necessary.
  • A booklet loaded with information and examples to support and guide student through the projects

Map Library

Link to Map Library – Variety of Map of Harchester and the surrounding area

Photo Libraries

Below are the photos of the town areas used throughout the course for students to download and use as they wish: