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Changes to 2021 exams for GCSE, AS and A-level Art and Design

Information from AQA with regards to 2021 assessment

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AQA Currently States – Tuesday 5 Jan 2021

Following the announcement that it won’t be possible for exams to go ahead as normal this summer, the Education Secretary has confirmed that GCSE, AS and A-level exams won’t go ahead   and will be replaced by a form of teacher-assessed grades, with training and support provided to ensure these are awarded fairly and consistently.

The full details will need to be decided in consultation with Ofqual, the exam boards and teaching representatives. We know that you’ll want to hear what this means for you, and we promise that we’ll keep you updated as soon as we know more.

As always, we want to make sure that students who are studying for AQA qualifications will receive grades they deserve. We’ll be working closely with government and regulators to make this happen.

If you have any entries with us for January exams, the Department for Education has said that schools and colleges can continue with these exams where they judge it right to do so.

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Issued – Friday 11 Sep 2020 

AQA State:

We’ve been working hard to make the relevant changes to our qualifications following Ofqual’s decisions   on summer 2021 exams, so here are the changes you need to know about.

GCSE (8201-8206), AS (7241-7246) and A-level (7201-7206) Art and Design

Students will complete Component 1 (GCSE and AS Portfolio or A-level Personal investigation) only. This means that students won’t need to start or complete Component 2, and the exam papers for 2021 will not be released on e-AQA   in January (GCSE) or February (AS and A-level).

For visiting moderation in June, our preference would always be to moderate at a visit, however, we need to make sure we’re doing what’s right based on whatever Covid-19 restrictions are in place. We’ll review this in early 2021 to decide on the best approach and we’ll be in touch early next year to confirm.

We’re reviewing the teacher standardisation face-to-face meetings and will be in touch shortly with further information on how standardisation will take place for 2021.

We know that you’ll want to know more about the changes for next summer. We’ll be publishing further guidance about the summer 2021 exams over the coming months.

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Specification code: 8205

Title: GCSE Art and Design (Three-dimensional design)

QAN code: 601/8088/2

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