Other Examination Boards

For information with regards to changes for 2022, please consult each examination board’s website on a regular basis. Changes have already been announced and further changes may occur throughout the year

Although some pages have more information than others, it is recommended that you look at the examination boards websites if the specification takes your fancy for more detail and support. They have much more on them to help you evaluate whether or not their course is for you

The main focus of the site will be on AQA courses.

However, there is also a lots of material on Pearson Edexcel course. This is due to the fact it was the examination board I used at my previous school, but it is the intention not to maintain the Pearson Edexcel section further than it is.

Pearson Edexcel

  • Detailed information on A level and some for GCSE

Eduqas (WJEC)

  • Specifications and some sample materials for both A level and GCSE


  • Just the specifications here. There are a lot of support materials on the OCR main website as the assessment is quite very different from the other boards